UW-Madison Chemistry building The Graduate Student-Faculty Liaison Committee (otherwise known as the GSFLC) of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is committed to bridging the gap between students and faculty by hosting events meant to bring the two groups together. From the annual Snout-Out to the departmental colloquia, the Spring poster session to the cookie bake-off, the GSFLC offers many opportunities to mingle within the Chemistry Department.

More than that, the GSFLC offers opportunities for professional development, travel grants for those presenting their research at conferences, and mentor awards to recognize the faculty and students that have helped us become mature researchers. The GSFLC also acts as a voice for change, presenting issues and requests from students to the faculty. Examples of work achieved by the GSFLC include the installation of new equipment and the implementation of longer stockroom hours.

News & Announcements

  • November 19, 2014 - Fundraiser November 2014

    Thank you to all of you who helped support the GSFLC by ordering a UW Madison Chemistry T-shirt and/or portfolio! T-shirts will be in by Dec 19th. Portfolio arrival date TBA. We will email everyone when items can be picked up. We kindly ask that you submit the payment (if you haven't done so already) before you can retrieve your item(s). Please place your cash or check (checks payable to "Snoutological Society") in the GSFLC mailbox or hand it to Ryan or Floriana.