Travel Grant

The GSFLC travel award provides support for graduate students to present their research at a conference or meeting of their choice. There are two award application cycles per year that occur in the fall and spring. The number of recipients and amount of support received by award winners depends on the number of applicants in a given cycle. Those who receive a Travel Award must also present their work at the annual GSFLC Graduate Student Poster Session in the spring.

To apply, graduate students must meet the following criteria:

1. Achieve dissertator status by the due date of the application.

2. Plan to travel within the appropriate time span:

-For a Spring travel award: Travel must be between May and October of a given year (applications due on Nov 22nd, 2017)

 -For a Fall travel award: Travel must be between November of a given year and April of the following year 

3. Have not previously been awarded a GSFLC Travel Award.

How to apply:

The GSFLC travel award coordinator solicits applications via e-mail twice a year, typically in February for Spring awards and September for Fall awards. Fill out the application and submit to the coordinator (Matt Dent, to apply.