Professional Development

Preparing for Life After Graduate School (PfLAGS) is a career development workshop held during early fall that is open to graduate students (recommended for 4th and 5th years) and post-docs. This ACS-sponsored two-day event introduces traditional and non-traditional careers available for chemistry graduates (with emphasis on academic and industrial positions), offers tips on how to prepare for interviews, write good resumes/cover letters and much more. Please contact Anurag Agrawal (PfLAGS 2017 coordinator) at for more information.


On campus resources:

Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) helps graduate students and postdoctoral researchers:

  • assess current skills, interests, and strengths;
  • make a plan for developing skills to meet academic and professional goals; and
  • communicate with supervisors, advisors, and mentors about evolving goals and related skills.

The IDP is a document to be revisited again and again, to update and refine as goals change and/or come into focus, and to record progress and accomplishments. 


Delta Initiative

The Delta Program is a research, teaching and learning community for faculty, academic staff, post-docs, and graduate students that will help current and future faculty succeed in the changing landscape of science, engineering, and math higher education. Through three core ideas: teaching-as-research, learning-through-diversity, and learning community, the Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning (Delta) supports current and future science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) faculty in their ongoing improvement of student learning. Please click here for Delta's upcoming events.


Software Training for Students (DoIT)

Software Training for Students (STS) offers free technology training to registered UW-Madison students. STS strives to offer training that is linked to degree-credit course work or future job placement and helps students stay current with technology as it emerges. Courses include programs such as: Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and a variety of topics in web development.


Writing Center

Writing Center instructors are graduate teaching assistants or professional staff, all of whom are experienced writing teachers. They can help you develop ideas for a paper and organize them effectively, and they can give you helpful advice to guide your revision. Each year thousands of students at the University — from freshmen through doctoral students — find such individual consultations beneficial. Writing Center also hosts workshops that meet your specific needs. Topics include giving presentations, writing resume and cover letter, writing papers and thesises and so on. Please click here for their upcoming events.